Flashback Part One: Celine Spring 2016

Nothing in fashion is ever new. Even “new” ideas have taken inspiration from something in the past. Old things done a slightly different way is modern. Celine’s SS16 show is exactly what I’m talking about.


The silhouettes that walked down the runway during the second half of this show scream 1940. Of course there are differences. It’s 2016, which means that there are no laws restricting the use of fabrics as there were in the 40’s because of WWII. With no rations in the present day, designers can go a little crazy. Big shoulders, like those seen in the 40’s are hugely present in Celine’s line. Because small waists and slim hips were the ideal shape, shoulder pads were often seen in the 40’s to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Celine’s twelfth look, a white mid-length dress with accentuated shoulders, is exactly what I would imagine a modern 40’s lady wearing today.

mon0767tumblr_mhz5sqvwom1s1a3s7o1_5001Another trend popular in the 40’s was menswear inspired clothing for women. Even though they never even came close to the androgyny of the 80’s, men’s shapes and prints became more popular in the women’s market. Because of WWII, women were working the types of jobs that their husbands probably had before going off to fight for their country. This meant they needed to compete in the workforce, they needed to be comfortable and appear as powerful women- not the housewife they had always
been seen as before. Boxier blazers and military inspired jackets became popular, which Celine also shows in their line. Also seen in this collection are prints with a masculine feel. Large plaids in dark, neutral colors powered down the runway

Even though fashion is cutting edge and ever-1940s-fashion-us-war-dress-restrictions8changing, the inspiration always comes from somewhere.mon0278 Celine is such a great example of how designers take inspiration from historical costume and twist it in such a way that makes old trends feel fresh, new and exciting.



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